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You can purchase our New Singel off of The Awakening at The Orchard music platform and all other releases  digitally on Amazon at the link below or on Spotify ITunes and all cool digital media outlets. If you have the balls!​  Use add to cart button on the home page to get Physical CD Church of the Twisted Prophet. Provide address allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

KILLING TYRANNY is a heavy metal band based out of the San Diego area of Southern California.  Their live shows are a thrill ride from start to finish.  Insane vocals and blistering leads layered over a heavy groove that hits you like a freight train keeps you banging your head and pumping your fist all the way through.  Lead vocalist George Gregory originally hailed from the unforgiving streets of Detroit Michigan where he gained his metal influence going to see countless shows of the 80s and 90s such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Fates Warning, Megadeth, and numerous others.  In the year 2000 he arrived in California to pursue his musical career and quickly gained noteworthy recognition as the lead singer of the band OUTRAGED.  With years of touring and recording sessions under his belt, in 2010 he went into the studio to record a CD of his own material and emerged with an epic compilation of political-controversy-meets-attitude fueled songs called MARTYR.  The CD received rave reviews from Power Play Magazine, Strutterzine, and countless heavy metal and rock blogs.  The CD started to gain notoriety in US and other countries, George began the task of putting together a band that could live up to the hype and power of his latest release.  Going through the local musicians’ outlets, he put together a team of seasoned musicians; Scott Moller on lead guitar, Jason Bonsangue on rhythm guitar, Erik Owens on bass and Bill Giannattasio on drums.   With George’s heavy but melodic vocals, Scott’s captivating leads, and a rhythm section pushing and pounding its way through your chest, they started a local tour to promote KILLING TYRANNY.  Quickly getting the attention of Southern California Promoters, they began a relationship that has quickly taken them to international shows in Mexico and the West Coast of the US, and this is just the beginning.  Opening shows for Fates warning, Odin, Flotsam and Jetsam, Super Joint, DRI and may other notable bands they are tearing up stages wherever they go! Their latest release CHURCH OF THE TWISTED PROPHET was released in March 2018 it is an epic CD that cannot be overlooked.  Currently they are working on their third release called THE AWAKENING. Due out sometime in the slate summer -early fall of 2020 distributed by Curtain Call Records on Sony Orchard.   April 24, 2020 marked the release of DOG AND PONY SHOW the first blistering single from this greatly anticipated upcoming CD.   You can find dog and pony show on The Orchard music platform and other releases  from KILLING TYRANNY on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and many other digital outlets. Killing Tyranny is found on the most popular social media where you can keep informed of their latest show dates and listen to Rock Rage Radio, Boston Rock Radio, Pure Rock Radio and many other cool online radio stations to hear their most popular songs.   Expect big things from this band!h here.