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Killing Tyranny

After leaving Detroit Michigan, to chase his musical dreams, George Gregory arrived in Covina California in the year 2000. He met up with former members of The Wicked & other well known LA musicians and formed the band Outraged. After creating two CD's and performing until 2005, Gregory was approached by former members of Sanctuary and formed the band Ironworks. Ironworks enjoyed a brief stent in the state, playing at prestigious venues in San Diego until 2010. After a four-year hiatus, Gregory decided to go back into the studio and work on a new music project. After completing his latest CD, he decided to contact Frank Kowalski, a former member of Ironworks and together, they launched a new band. Finding Scott Moller for the blistering lead guitar, Erik Owens for the chest caving bass, and Bill Giannatasio for the scull caving percussion.   Killing Tyranny was born. Their latest work entitled "Martyr". Killing Tyranny is not for the faint of heart. Controversy meets politics meets attitude meets opinion meets solid tunes for this genre. They are influenced by great metal bands such as: Priest, Maiden, Helloween, Fates Warning, Megadeth, and numerous others. This CD has proven to be a surprise to all! Recently reviewed in issue #178 of Power Play Magazine, Strutterzine as well as many Heavy Metal/Rock Blogs, to rave reviews. You can find "Martyr" on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and many other digital music outlets. Unfortunately, Frank Kowalksi has had to leave the band due to health reasons and the band now continues with Jason Bonsongue on rhythm guitar. Killing Tyranny is currently being promoted by: Danie Cortese Entertainment. "We expect big things for this band" says celebrity publicist Danie Cortese. Stay tuned for upcoming developments. Killing Tyranny

Are you ready to have the paint peeled off the walls by an ear piercing scream with skull splitting guitars, chest caving drumming and bass concussions. Be afraid....Be very afraid!​ See the article in Power Play Magazine Issue#178 reviewing the CD!